Theme design


MAJOR AWARD: In a city that has invented and re-invented theme and set design over and over, Paul-Felix Montez has won the Los Angeles Magazine’s award for BEST FANTASY STORE  in Los Angeles 2010 for his “Whimsic Alley” store design.

Theme design for retail, Casinos, interiors, malls, cruise lines, parks, Halloween and displays, at all scales. Theme design in retail shops increases sales by nearly 200 percent. “Whimsic Alley” a “Harry Potter style store” in Santa Monica California found that with our designs, they not only had store flexibility, but the length of time shoppers stayed was nearly two hours, with multiple purchases. Theme design keeps people coming back and builds press and word of mouth, and can start with exciting contemporary wall mural designs, to architectural details, all the way up to Egyptian temples, castles and spaceships, complete with aliens or wizards welcoming your guests or customers.