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linkedin-icon-e1378513171627N.Y. TIMES review for Puerto Rican Traveling theater’s Off Broadway production ; “Mr. Montez’s set brings a powerful, yet ironic realism, that subtly transforms itself in this two character street play, becoming both a sharp commentary and third character by itself.”



The PRAYER ROOM 9/11 COMMEMORATIVE EXHIBIT NYC 2011: exhibition design dealing with 10th anniversary of 9/11 events: N.Y. TIMES journalist:Samuel G. Freedom about exhibit: “It’s extraordinary”. Many full interviews about the exhibit and over 200 published articles world wide: “Artist/designer recreates Muslim prayer spaces which existed before 9/11 in World Trade center twin towers, and large scale architectural elements of the Twin Towers monumentality, creating a reflective exhibit upon; place, religion in America, monumental events and human architectural ambitions.”

SculptureNEWllogoSquareMore can be see on this project and Mr. Montez’s other Fine art contemporary large scale sculptures, art installations& exhibits at: New Innovations in sculpture & art


Beginning in Bloomingdales stores window design, to trade show exhibits and industrial shows for Coca Cola and Seven up in New York City, designer Paul-Felix Montez then steeped into the world of Theater and independent films in New York.

Over thirty stage productions in 10 years then took place, from Off Broadway, regional theaters and more. Special Events, trade show sculpted exhibits for Sony Corporation Christmas windows and displays also complemented these theatrical productions.


Steve Makahian, Owner Glendale Television Studios (700 million dollar TV studio in Glendale California, home of Direct TV shopping network and most major soap opera drams). “Mr. Montez is one of the best art and set designers I have ever worked with, his designs have literally saved many a TV pilot, with style, look, and incredible invention, in over 15 years we have worked together.”


Larry Swerdlove, animation producer & series producer PBS children’s series “Jakers”, (five years on PBS) Mike Young productions, California: We needed to duplicate animation environments in order to bring real kids into the over all scheme of our show series. Mr. Montez duplicated animation designs, period set designs, and more, bring what had been created in 2D into a dynamic 3D reality.


Easton Pacific Construction Company, Division of EPCC, Santa Ana, California tel: (949) 223-5090 “We needed someone who could build us a two story Pirate ship crashing on coral reefs and capturing an imaginative visual look for all age children. Mr. Montez and his team not only designed, and created our crashing pirate ship, but gave it a gentle feel, child proofing and wonderful dynamic display. They also engineered it to withstand children and 8.5 earthquakes as we are in California. Finally they created painted murals and 3D wall elements , fish and more, with lighting designs, that brought the whole display into a very exciting look”. Easton Pacific page.


Ron Gobious, of Graphic Encounter, Aspen Colorado, who represents us, to Wynn resorts, Hyatt Hotel chains and many more said: “We choose Paul because his series of contemporary stainless steel sculptures, fit in with the New look of casinos and upscale hotels we serve.” So we also have a selection of contemporary award winning designs in stainless steel, bronze available. Please consult with us for more information.


Cheryl Irwin of Chameleon Designs & Events productions, handling casino & nightclub design and special events in Las Vegas has had this to say; “A very talented and professional group. The work was done on a critical deadline, way before time. Very, detail orientated, with superb finishing and all within budget”.


Short Video of Design for Major Motion pictures, “Behind the Scenes look”, also Theme parks, retail theme stores, stage sets & much more.



EgyptKidsA special design project: The award winning Make Peace project which has now become the Make Peace Movement globally. Mr. Montez has always believed that design can offer & do much more to better all of our lives His redesign of the “Peace symbol” into the Make Peace symbol has gained tens thousands of people from all over the world, who are adopting it into street art, street style, poetry, music and much more. Branding has always been a key element in most of the design, yet this special project, takes it to the level of global symbol to inspire proactive good. With it’s own official world event DAY and FLAG spreading world wide. One NEW symbol & flag, one global world! Photo: Syrian refugee children in Egypt 2013 with Flag. Full information can be found at:






Experience – Visual design – Marketing:

Visual Merchandising and Display design – Bloomingdales New york 1989-1990 Design of innovative store displays, window displays, Christmas displays.
Trade & Industrial show exhibit design – Coca Cola, Seven Up 1989-1990
Design of trade show exhibits, and industrial shows and effects
Bovasso design studios: plastic furniture fabrication, visual display plastic sculptural ornamentation and fabrication, miniatures for figure product prototypes. Industrial exhibits.

Experience – Visual design – Entertainment:

Technical Instructor: Cooper Union School of Art & Architecture: welding and metal work, sculpting, model building architectural. wood working.

Set & Visual sculptural effects, – Batman -Warner brothers 1991
Design and construction of large scale sculptures, architectural details for sets and plastic fabrication, weapons molded costumes, sculpted features for Bat suit.
Set & visual sculptural effects – Indian in the Cupboard – Sony Pictures — 1992
Director Frank OZ (creator of the Muppets) large scale props, sets, visual effects coordinated with blue and green screen technology Industrial LIght and magic company (Star Wars) Miniature sculpting of toys, and molding and casting
Set, Visual effects design – Congo, Sony pictures — 1993
Design of set, and construction of large scale sets, period designs of ancient temples, caves etc.
Set design – Men in Black – Sony Pictures — 1989-1990
Set design and construction supervisor, main Men in Black Headquarters.
Set design – Cable Guy – Sony Pictures — 1989-1990
Set design and construction supervisor, various scale sized sets, miniatures, optical live action visual effects.
Set design – Species – Sony Pictures — 1989-1990
Creature design, animatronics
Set design – Armageddon – Sony Pictures — 1989-1990
Set design and construction supervisor for miniature space ships, planets and model construction supervisor
Additional films: Godzilla (remake miniature models, sets) Showgirls (sets) Numerous Sets and visual effects design for TV commercials, infomercials, and educational and industrial films, live stage events, musical stage sets, and CGI, green screen technologies. Architectural display models.
Easton Pacific Construction company – 2008 – reference: Designed, engineered to california earthquake standards, two story bow of pirate ship, (walk on to deck two stories up), crashing on coral reefs, with treasure chest, falling open. Design, construction to earthquake and extreme fire safety due to children’s center location in mega church in Santa Anna California. call for reference: (949) 223-5090 ask for president Mike.
Additional references available


PBS American playhouse Roanoke, – HBO films “Pledge of Allegiance – American Bible society 20 film shorts (effects, set design, integrated live action and CGI effects)
Pledge of Allegiance HBO films Production design Hollywood film productions.
American Bible society 20 film series. Production design, visual effects, CGI green screen animation design, creature design.


Assistant Producer & Art director – PBS AMERICAN PLAYHOUSE — Roanoke – 1989-1990
PBS four mini series, first television series to feature all “Native American roles” played by Native American actors.
Assistant producer Industrial films and TV – Fred A niles Film company NYC – 1989-1990
Assisted in Writing, development, casting and all phases of production of industrial, educational films. Coordinating client needs with production budgets.
Theater Producer & technical director: New York LaMaMa ETC (Experimental Theater Club, internationally renowned theater company) Provincetown Playhouse, Greenwhich Village NYC, Los Angeles Little Theater Off Bway scale productions.
TV Producer Series: Martial Arts Madness – teen market stunt “wrestling style” combat show, merchandising, writing, character development, directing ( four camera) TV commercial production and radio spot production.
TV Producer Infomercials & TV series pilots: John Arthur Productions (producer ABC TV series “Webster) – Madhouse children’s TV series pilot, “Taibo” – Infomercials, and package designs.

Experience – Visual RETAIL design & Branding:

Disney Theme parks & Disney cruise lines – sculptural theme park elements, ride designs, visual retail displays.
Universal Theme parks, stores, and city center Los Angeles – Visual retail display, sculptural displays
Warner Brothers stores – character sculptural displays, and store displays
Harry Potter retail store design, entire store design, character displays, retail.
Erotic Museum Hollywood Ca. Retail store display design, marketing materials, posters etc.
Academy Awards: Design and construction of large scale “Oscar” statues, displays, medallions used outside of Academy award television show.
XM Satellite Radio – trade exhibits and point of purchase display design
Caesars’ Palace – Wing Horse fountain sculptural design
Luxor – Egyptian sculptural displays exhibit displays
Harrahs – Sculptural displays, booth designs food court.


Glendale Television studios California: Owner Steve Makahian: main studios: (818)550-6000 cell:(818) 317-7887
Easton Pacific construction: large scale theme installation and sets: (949) 223-5090

Tony Sacca Television productions: (702) 768-8669
Children’s Talk TV Productions: Animator, production animation: Denise (producer), Josh Lead animator): (702) 740-8255
Tom Aribia Production: (sets. film production) (702) 683-8262
Chris Media: Chris Rogers owner: (Visual video design, graphic displays) : (702)227-6279


M.A. Engineering M.A. Engineering